Primal Screen Studio

Primal Screen, an animation studio, came to Choate + Hertlein with a desire to convert an unloved low-slung, 1940’s-era warehouse into an open office environment that would serve as inspiration for its creative staff. A plan developed around the idea of “streets” and “avenues” with variations of hierarchy and scale and intentional “accidents.” Spatial variety is created with a variety of forms: a wooden box as the video-editing suite, a translucent elliptical conference room floating in a pool of river rocks, and a wall in the exaggerated shape of a diving board. Bright colors reflect the playful nature of cartoon animation, contrasting with the exposed structural elements and infrastructure of the existing building.

Primal Screen Studio

Atlanta, GA

10,000 sf adaptive reuse of an 1940's warehouse.

Offices, work spaces, a conference room, reception and break areas

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