Our firm opened its doors in 1971 with small projects, typically quirky in nature, requiring out of the box solutions. Evolving over five decades and influenced by the varied interests of the partners, our resulting body of work represents a wide range of abilities and accomplishments.

Throughout the years, one of the main areas of focus for our work has been the preservation, restoration, and adaptation of historic buildings resulting in an intimate knowledge of the fabric of built antiquity — the bones and sinew of the architecture of bygone eras. Located in a vibrant and growing city, other kinds of opportunities have allowed us to explore our interest in the design of highly original modern architecture. In many cases, we have been able to blend these two approaches in the adaptive fusion of historic and modern themes. We find it all quite interesting.

With this wide range of differing expertise, the joy of our practice is found in the goal of creating a common thread to run through it all. This has evolved into a level of creativity and care that heightens and distinguishes the quality of our built work, whether respectfully historic or creatively new. Underlying our approach is the belief that no two opportunities are the same. We stretch to find the "Big Idea" that will give our work a sense of place and time, all in the service of our clients´ needs and desires.


James Choate, Principal


Dennis Hertlein, Principal


Grant Cameron, Principal


Eric Seugling, Principal

Sarah Wallace, Controller

FSDA, LEED Green Associate

Weston Byerly

Assoc. AIA

Paul Holden


Jeremy Moffett

Ben Ullrich

Assoc. AIA

Tom Little

Tom Little, Consulting Architect


AIA Atlanta Silver Medal

Firm Award for consistent pursuit and achievement of the highest quality in design, 1994

AIA South Atlantic Region

Hotel Indigo, 2012 Merit Award
Winshape Center, 2006 Special Commendation

AIA Georgia

House in Ansley Park, 2020 Honor Award
PCM Beltline Pavilion & Parking Facility, 2020 Merit Award
Harrison House, 2019 Excellence Award
Pollack Residence, 2019 Merit Award
Ponce City Market, 2018 Excellence Award
House on a Cliff, 2018 Merit Award
House near El Cerro De Chipinque, 2017 Honor Award
935 Marietta / Broadstone West, 2015 Merit Award
House in Long Beach, 2015 Citation
Imperial Hotel, 2014 Citation
GA Tech Architecture Auditorium, 2013 Citation
Tribute Lofts, 2012 Merit Award
A House by the Marsh, 2011 Honor Award
Kusko Residence, 2011 Merit Award
Private Residence, 2010 Merit Award
Indigo Hotel, 2010 Award
Beverly Road Residence, 2010 Honor Award
Childress Residence, 2008 Citation
Powell Residence, 2007 Excellence Award
WinShape Center, 2005 Citation
Primal Screen, 2004 Excellence Award
Copenhill Lofts, 2002 Excellence Award
Private Stables & Artist’s Studio, 2002 Excellence Award
Private Residence - Seattle, 2001 Excellence Award
Private Residence - Atlanta, 1998 Excellence Award
The Muse’s Block Loft Apartments, 1996 Excellence Award
Private Residence - Chattanooga, 1996 Excellence Award
Roosevelt Gymnasium Lofts, 1996 Excellence Award
The Academy of Medicine, 1983

AIA Atlanta Residential

Harrison House, 2019 Honor Award
Pollack Residence, 2019 Merit Award
Juniper & 10th, 2018 Merit Award
Casa DeSilva, 2016 Merit Award
Elan Westside, 2015 Honor Award
Imperial Hotel, 2014 Merit Award
Alta West Condominiums, 2005 Excellence Award
Private Residence, Seattle, 2004 Honor Award
Copenhill Lofts, 2004 Merit Award
Private Residence, Atlanta, 2004 Citation

National Trust for Historic Preservation

WinShape Center, 2007 Honor Award

Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians (SESAH)

Ponce City Market, 2016 Special Commendation
WinShape Center, 2007 Honor Award

Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

Revival Lofts, 2023 Excellence in Rehabilitation
Ponce City Market, 2017 Marguerite Williams Award
Thomson Depot, 2016 Excellence in Rehabilitation
Imperial Hotel, 2015 Marguerite Williams Award
GCSU Parks Nursing, 2010 Excellence in Rehabilitation
T.R.R. Cobb House, 2008 Excellence in Restoration
Dairy Barn & Gazebo at Hardman Farm, 2006 Excellence in Restoration
Sisters Chapel, 2006 Excellence in Restoration
Mattress Factory Lofts, 2003 Excellence in Rehabilitation
Canton Mill Lofts, 2002 Excellence in Rehabilitation
Covered Bridges of Georgia, 2000
Decatur County Courthouse, 2000 Excellence in Rehabilitation
Hull Street Complex, 2000
Demosthenian Hall at UGA, 2000
Louisville Market House, 1999
Bass High School Lofts, 1999 Excellence in Rehabilitation
Greene County Courthouse, 1999 Excellence in Rehabilitation
Cator Woolford Gardens, 1998 Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation
Thomasville Visitor Center and Library, 1998 Award of Excellence in Rehabilitation
Seney Stovall Chapel, 1997 Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation
Central Presbyterian Church, 1997 Award of Excellence in Restoration
Concord Woolen Mill Stabilization, 1997
The Muses Block Loft Apartments, 1997 Outstanding Rehabilitation
Warm Springs Pool & Springs, 1996 Certificate of Merit
Newnan Presbyterian Church, 1992
Jerusalem House, 1996
Northeast Y.M.C.A., 1992
Hillcrest Chapel, 1991
The Byron Depot, 1991
Willcoxon-Arnold House, 1991
Franklin House Office Building, 1986
Waycross City Hall, 1986 Citation of Excellence
The Academy of Medicine, 1985 Outstanding Restoration
The Upson House, 1980 Award of Recognition for an Outstanding Project

Urban Land Institute of Atlanta

Balzer Theater at Herren’s, 2005 Award of Excellence

Atlanta Urban Design Commission

Revival Lofts, 2023 Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use
Centennial Yards South, 2023 Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use
101 Peachtree Lofts, 2021 Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use
Juniper & 10th, 2018
Ponce City Market, 2016 Award of Excellence
Imperial Hotel, 2015 Award of Excellence
Beverly Drive Residence, Award of Excellence
Peter's Mansion, 2009 Award of Excellence
Tribute Lofts, 2008 Award of Excellence
Sisters Chapel at Spelman College, 2005 Award of Excellence
Alta West, 2004 Award for New Construction
Mattress Factory Lofts, 2002 Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use
Rhodes Hall, 2000 Award of Excellence for Historical Preservation
Bass High School Loft Apartments, 1999 Award of Excellence for Historical Preservation
Central Presbyterian Church, 1998 Award of Excellence for Historical Preservation
The Muse's Block, 1997 Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use
Roosevelt Gymnasium Loft Apartments, 1996 Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use
All Saint's Episcopal Church Addition, 1994
Jerusalem House, 1993
Northeast-Intown Y.M.C.A., 1992
The Castle, 1991 Award of Excellence for Historical Preservation
Roosevelt Historic Apartments, 1990 Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use
Private Residence, Atlanta, 1989
Central Training Center, 1988 Award of Excellence
The Academy of Medicine, 1983

Club Management Design Showcase Awards

Capital City Club at Crabapple, 2003
Coosa Country Club, 2002
The Piedmont Driving Club Golf Clubhouse, 2001

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