101 Peachtree Street

101 Peachtree Street entailed the conversion of a historic two-story building in downtown Atlanta into loft apartments with a ground level mercantile space. The owner, who loved the history of the area and urban bones of the neighborhood, purchased the building in 2015 and began the process of converting the upper level into two unique residential lofts. The exact date of original construction for 101 Peachtree Street is unknown. City records date it to 1910, however, the actual construction date was probably closer to 1890 since record-keeping was inconsistent in Atlanta’s early days. After a lengthy process negotiating code, utility, and regulatory constraints, the construction was completed and the owner was able to move into his own unit in 2020.

Existing Façade

Historic Imagery

Renovations to both the interior and exterior were significant. To allow the residential use on the second floor, an upgraded interior stair and the installation of a rated floor-ceiling assembly were required to separate the residential use from the retail use below. A portion of roof at the rear of the building was demolished and new structure was provided to create a second level “courtyard” that provides daylighting for the rear loft apartment. All new systems were also required, including a new sprinkler and fire alarm system. New windows were installed in the existing front façade arched openings. Layers of miscellaneous additions were removed at the retail level and a new historically appropriate storefront was rebuilt in its place.

Historic elements remain as part of the final build out. Brick walls were left exposed within the units, including some with a unique black char from a past fire. The inlayed terrazzo floor installed for Days Clothing, who operated out of the first level from the 1940s – 1970s, was maintained at the entrance to the retail space. Located a block from Five Points, the finished product provides new life for the historic building. The owners are excited to be less car-dependent in the neighborhood which offers ample bike infrastructure and public transportation. They also look forward to having more residents join them as development progresses in this quickly revitalizing area of South Downtown Atlanta.

101 Peachtree Street

Atlanta, GA

Photo credits: B.T. Harman

Client: John Von Hollen

Adaptive Use: Choate + Hertlein Architects provided design services for the incorporation of 2 loft apartments over the refurbished retail level of the existing building.

2021 Atlanta Urban Design Commission Award of Excellence for Adaptive Use

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